Visual Language in the Presentation of Architecture: pictorial or written, it’s all about two-way communication


This seminar will explore visual language in the presentation of architectural ideas. It will cover two forms of visual presentation: graphic (pictorial) and verbal (written). In the graphic presentation, the presenters will look at ways of engaging an audience in the imagery by stressing human participation and by including non-visual sensory clues. Their goal is to “tell” rather than simply to “show.” In the verbal presentation, they will explore ways of creating visual images with vocabulary, rhythm, and movement. In this case, we will reverse the order and try to “show” rather than simply to “tell.” There are striking similarities between graphic and verbal representation. Each approaches its audience differently and is received using different mechanisms, but the result is the same: understanding or misunderstanding, and acceptance or rejection. Knowing that communication is a two-way exercise, one major objective of the seminar will be to learn how to “read” our audience.

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3.0 Structured/Core
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Nearly Full
May 31, 2018
14:00 - 17:30
Montagu II
Saint John Trade & Convention Centre

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