Mitigate and Adapt Building Our Communities in The Age Of Climate Change


While building codes and regulations catch-up, the word “resilience” has now come to take on a tone of necessity when designers are planning for our next generation of structures. Notably, precast and masonry concrete technologies have been emphasizing whole building resiliency and pushing the innovations and advancements needed to meet the challenges our future will put before us for decades. This presentation will highlight and expand upon the notion that precast concrete and masonry are two materials that are well positioned to adapt to this cultural shift towards resilience of structures. Emphasis is placed on thermal performance, redundant moisture management systems, non-combustible materials and reserve strength against extreme loads and global collapse. New technologies in manufacturing and construction now also help alleviate point sources of carbon and other direct environmental impacts, while holistic life cycle analysis demonstrates how precast concrete and masonry are well positioned for a resilient future.

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June 02, 2018
12:00 - 14:00
Montagu II
Saint John Trade & Convention Centre

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