Daniel Pearl, MOAQ, LEED AP

Senior Architect and Partner, L'OEUF

Daniel Pearl co-founded l’oeuf(L'Office de l'Éclectisme Urbain et Fonctionnel) in 1992, in order to concentrate his expertise in sustainable and environmental design. In recent years, L’OEUF’s partners have expanded to include Bernard Olivier and Sudhir Suri.

An associate professor at the school of architecture (University of Montréal) since 2001, Daniel’s academic and professional research has involved the documentation of L’OEUF’s experimental practice (institutional and large-scale community housing projects) and innovative theoretical and applied research from local IDP (Integrated Design Process) building designs, to green infrastructure, to sustainable neighbourhoods - the last subject in collaboration with the Urban Ecology Agency of Barcelona (and director Salvador Rueda).

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May 30 - June 2, 2018
Saint John, New Brunswick

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The Royal Architectural Institute of Canada and the Architects' Association of New Brunswick have partnered to present the 2018 Festival of Architecture May 30 - June 2 in Saint John.

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